Something awesome is happening with Al McZeal.... papa has a brand new bag...!

The secret plan is under way to take over the world.  This is it.

Al McZeal, Cyberwarrior Return to Earth To Cancel Mortgage

Ut non lAl McZeal just travelled 12 Trillion Miles to get back to earth... just to cancel mortgages.. Awesome sauce.

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Al McZeal Came a long way from the funkadelic chocalate city located 3.5 trillion miles from earth just to cancel mortgages on earth... Awesome sauce!

You Pray and just Let God Worry

Al McZeal, CEO Apple

Do Something Now! Do Something Else Next!

Welcome to Al McZeal's Cancel A Mortgage Class Room - Awesome Sauce!

  This is Vien Ho who attended the Cancel A Mortgage Class Case who eventually sued them for million.

See the 9th Circuit Ruling in the Case Right Here. Click Here.

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Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

Steve Jobs, CEO Apple

Do Something Now! Do Something Else Next!
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